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Door Maintenance Tips

Cleaning Your Garage Door

Posted on April 25, 2014 at 9:00 AM

* Cleaning your garage door once a year is essential in maintaining the look and value of your home, howvere you want to clean it more than once a year if you live in a salt-air climate. Dilute one cup of detergent in five gallons of warm water, and wash the door with a soft sponge or cloth. Then thoroughly rinse the door with a hose.

* Clean the inside of the garage door the same way with the same cleaning agent, depending on the condition. If relatively clean, use a broom or long handled duster to remove any cobwebs or other debris.

* For Wood Doors, clean the outside of the door by wiping it with a dry, soft cloth. After cleaning, a wood door may also require repainting or staining. Inspect your door once a year or as needed, depending on the finish, quality and climate to determine if it needs to be painted or stained.


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