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Door Maintenance Tips

Common Issues with Electronic Openers

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 9:25 AM

Here are some of the most common garage door opener problems and their solutions:

·         If the opener raises but won't close the door, the safety beam sensor may be faulty, misaligned, or unplugged.

·         An opener that operates by remote control but not by the wall switch is a sign of a short in the wiring or a loose connection at the switch.

·         A remote control that doesn't work may be something as simple as a weak or dead batteries, an antenna wire on the opener that isn't properly exposed, or a dead transmitter.

·         If the opener is operating but the door doesn't open, the problem may be due to a worn gear or chain-drive sprocket, a broken chain, or the door disengaging from the operator.

·         A faulty transmitter, a short in the wall switch, a faulty circuit board, or a stray signal (which is very rare) can cause an opener to operate by itself.

·         If the remote control only operates the door when it's located 25 feet or less from the opener, the battery in the remote is weak or the signal is poor.

·         A door that reverses while closing or that doesn't completely open or close is usually obstructed or binding. This condition can also be caused when the open limit or sensitivity is set wrong.

·         A straining opener usually occurs when safety reversing is activated or the close limit is set improperly.


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